Why should WE pay for their “refurbishment”

Taunton Deane Council is planning to squander £7.5million to do up Deane House, where most of the staff serving Taunton and West Somerset are based. But was West Somerset consulted first about the plan? Not a bit of it.  Taunton Deane did what its leader often prefers to do – namely, his own thing. This is the press release Taunton Deane alone put out today. I am extremely annoyed at such a stupid decision.  Taunton Deane claims to be operating in partnership with West Somerset. It is clearly an unequal partnership. Taunton could easily have moved into Somerset County Council’s HQ down the road – they have already been offered space and the golden opportunity of linking up with the County’s new computer system. Taunton is in desperate need of a new system since South West One vanished into the disaster zone. Councillor John Williams could have solved two of his headaches with one move at far less cost to everyone.  Meanwhile West Somerset would very much like a new swimming pool. We haven’t had a public pool since Minehead’s Aquasplash was demolished several years ago. I reckon £7.5million would buy quite a nice one!