What a load of rubbish

Looks lovely, doesn’t it. This is the image visitors will see if they look up Taunton Deane on Google – an enticing picture of a pile of rotting garbage, courtesy of Taunton Deane Borough Council! Never mind their profligate plans to spend squillions tarting up their own offices, forget their appalling record of mismanagement, ignore their lunatic undemocratic plan to swallow up West Somerset…….this picture tells you all you need to know about a badly run local authority. Taunton has allowed itself to degenerate and become a fly-tippers paradise. I had good reason to give the council a public bashing this week in Westminster Hall. They are determined to turn the whole area into a barren building site. The Council leader wants to see 17000 new houses! So maybe local builders (who stand to gain) should help the council clear up the fly tips? What are waiting for Summerfields?