Welcome to Codswallop Council

I am delighted to learn that the new West Somerset and Taunton Council will be “Championing People, Place and Prosperity” – whatever on earth that means. I am equally thrilled to discover that employees of this “World Changing” council will soon be offering services “delivered by empowered and flourishing individuals….creating exceptional customer experiences….through brilliant performance and intuitive ways of working.”  Writing drivel of this kind is clearly a specialist occupation. Some highly placed bod in the Shadow Executive has spent tens of thousands of pounds of public money buying a load of verbal detritus. If you would like to know how much money, please follow this link. I wish no disrespect to those who are able to hold on to their jobs. Well over a quarter will cease to have employment when the merger takes place. Many have already applied for redundancy. Those who remain will be expected to work like slaves in order to provide barely adequate services. They are extremely unlikely to have the time to create “exceptional customer experiences”. Most customers will have to deal with their new council by clicking on a computer. As Winston might have put it: “Rarely in the field of Council conflab has so much bullshit been written about so few.”