“They think its all over”………..

I can assure you that it is not. The pathetic excuse for consultation about the merger may have concluded. It was arranged and orchestrated by Taunton Deane Borough Council and- thankfully – is now formally closed. The whole thing was a sick joke. Anyone from anywhere could complete their online questionnaire. There was absolutely no attempt to check the validity of those who filled in the form. The public, quite rightly, smelled a large odiferous rat. BUT YOU CAN STILL HAVE YOUR SAY. Why not send your views direct to the Ministers who will ultimately take the decision about this mad merger plan. Here are all their contact details.

The dismal consultation exercise that is now over has already cost council tax payers in Taunton and West Somerset several thousand pounds and has achieved absolutely nothing. I am told that only a few hundred people bothered to fill in the form and the overwhelming majority were dead set against the whole silly idea. It will be interesting to see what “spin” Taunton Deane dares to put on the results. They may try to argue that a low response rate indicates that everyone else is blissfully content with the merger. This would be absurd and Ministers know it. So please have your say with them if you want to. Or just contact me.