The Wrong Arm of the Law

The architects of the mad plan to merge Taunton Deane and West Somerset councils deliberately picked the wrong law to try and sneak it through without proper consultation. That has been my suspicion all along. It is also the firm conclusion of Sedgemoor District Council who were recently asked to support Taunton’s bid and flatly refused.  The reason why they snubbed the proposal  is now crystal clear in a letter written jointly by Sedgemoor’s Leader and Chief Executive to the Leaders of Taunton Deane and West Somerset. and published in full right here: Letter to Cllrs Trollope-Bellew and Williams  This document spells out precisely why they believe Taunton Deane has used the wrong law to argue their case. Sedgemoor argues that the Boundary Commission should have been called in to conduct a full investigation and arrange proper consultation. As readers will know,  there has been a pathetic excuse for consultation involving a flawed questionnaire, some ill-attended “roadshows”, a silly leaflet and a load of lies.