Shock and Eeyore

Local government in Somerset is in a period of extraordinary upheaval. Taunton Deane and West Somerset may become one new council if the Government pass the necessary regulations in time. Somerset County Council could vanish altogether to be replaced by a giant Unitary authority which could easily absorb both Taunton and West Somerset. I have serious doubts about all these scenarios. Taunton Deane is badly strapped for cash. Somerset County Council is frankly flat broke. The County’s Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Nacey, has already resigned and will abandon the sinking ship shortly. He’s off to a new job. The sort of job for which life at Somerset County has made him uniquely qualified. Mr Nacey will soon be based not in Taunton but down in Devon, sunny Sidmouth. He is to serve his last few professional years as the new Finance Director of….wait for it…..The Donkey Sanctuary! You couldn’t make it up!!