MERGER – crooked council website launched

front-pageThere is a slideshow of three photographs on the home page of the brash new blatently biased council website – named “Your New Council”. What a sick and costly joke it is. One picture shows a bustling Fore Street in Taunton with happy customers of Daisy May’s Tearoom tucking in at the pavement tables. It is a very old picture. Daisy May’s shut up shop in  Taunton in July, just as the mad merger plan to swallow up West Somerset council was unveiled. The people who produced the website couldn’t even get that right.

Daisy May’s is much better off these days in Bridgwater.  the-real-dasiy-mays-tearoom

Bridgwater is booming and its council is efficient and solvent. Unfortunately the architects of the mad merger intend to ignore reality and are now trying to arm-twist their way to acceptability. This morning they launched their new website which includes a detailed questionnaire.  They intend to send the results, carefully sifted I am quite sure, to the Government in order to prove how hard they have worked to “consult” the public. THIS IS THE CROOKED BIT. THE QUESTIONAIRE IS ANONYMOUS. YOU CAN FILL IT IN  AND GIVE YOUR VIEWS EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN TIMBUKTU!

I am so angry that yet more public money is being wasted in the name of “democracy” that today I have launched my own YOUR NEW COUNCIL website. Please send your views about the merger to me. I guarantee that the Minister responsible will see all the results.