Taunton Deane Council goes MAD!

Taunton Deane Council has earned itself a top place at last. Not content with squandering millions of pounds of a tax payers money to tart up its offices, this ill-led and abominably managed municipality is now asking staff what sort of toilets they would like, and how big the lockers should be, and what they think about “agile” hot-desking. It would be easy to blame the recent heatwave, but this outbreak of local government lunacy has now reached cuckoo’s nest proportions. Padded cells are called for, perhaps. Chemical coshes should be held in reserve. The inmates seem to have taken control of the asylum. Not that close observers of the Leader and his team will be able to spot the difference. Meanwhile more evidence of Taunton Deane’s pathetic policy making has emerged. Here is an extract from Taunton’s “pink papers” (confidential documents) It was written a few months ago by senior officers when they considered the potential costs of quitting South West One – the disastrous IBM outsourcing company, which is still creating headlines.

This company was established, among others, by the Chief Executive of Taunton Deane plus  Mr Alan Jones, the manipulative manikin who used to run County Hall. Jones rightly got the elbow – but also a fat payoff. Penny James from Taunton, however, somehow survived.

What goes around also comes around. Taunton Deane and Somerset County Council lost out badly from South West One. But Taunton Deane failed to learn the lesson. Their silly plan to absorb West Somerset Council depend upon a huge new investment in untried and untested computer systems.  Will it work? What do you think!