Taunton Council Fly-tipping scandal?

This time, surely,  Taunton Deane Borough Council has gone too far. Extravagant works are now underway to “refurbish” Deane House (total cost £11 million plus!) and the council seem to be chucking away anything useless. One of my sharp eyed readers sent in this snap of a Taunton refuse bin overflowing with a large SouthWestOne sign. SouthWestOne, was a disastrous partnership between Taunton, the County Council, the police and IBM which promised to save money. But the partnership performed so badly Somerset taxpayers had to shell out £70 million. What a waste. How apt that their sign should end up in a council dustbin. But I have bad news for Taunton. The sign is far too big to fit in a wheelie bin and the rules state that it is unlikely to be collected.

Fortunately Peregrine has helpful advice! This SouthWestOne sign is clearly an item of very important historical significance. The Leader of Taunton Deane Council and his Chief Executive were both very keen advocates of the deal. How appropriate that the sign should be put out with the garbage 10 years to the day since SouthWestOne began. Perhaps this humble piece of plastic should be recycled? (Perhaps it is also time to recycle the council officials – appointed and elected – who agreed to the whole chaotic scheme in the first place)