Can this man win peace?

Poroshenko talks to Putin after a group photo  in BenouvillePetro Poroshenko is a big man in every sense. He makes his Russian counterpart look small. He made a fortune in the confectionery trade and is now President of Ukraine – that sprawling nation on Russia’s border that Vladimir Putin is so unwilling to forget. Hundreds have died in the struggle between Ukraine government troops and Russian separatists.  But Poroshenko has now declared a ceasefire.  There are issues involved in this struggle that should concern us all. I am writing from Strasbourg where the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, of which I am a member, is now in session.  73 years ago to the day Hitler’s tanks began advancing into the old Soviet Union. Mr Poroshenko will be joining us in Strasbourg on Thursday to address the whole gathering – including Russian members. It is a long way from Bridgwater and Minehead, but my work here is still relevant and important.