No more Xmas lights? Taunton plays Scrooge

wivy-xmas-lightsRudolf may need to eat a lot of carrots next year. Taunton Deane council may cut its annual grant for Christmas street lights in Wiveliscombe and Wellington. The locals are very peeved indeed. Taunton Deane would save £10,000. It seems they need to plug a gaping hole in their budget of £403,000. I mention this only because Taunton Deane will soon be attempting to win public support for its mad plan to form a brand new council and swallowing West Somerset District Council. They claim both councils will benefit from huge savings. But the savings are imaginary. We know West Somerset has financial problems, but we were always led to believe that Taunton Deane was completely solvent. Together these councils have managed to gather enough money for a brand new website, simply to publicise the merger. They also have plans for “pop up” street events, newspaper advertising and more. Scrooge is threatening Christmas with one hand and squandering your cash on a doomed scheme with the other. Humbug.