Merger Roadshow Lies

Guess what. The dunderheads who devised Taunton Deane’s sham public consultation have now owned up to the fact that people are shunning the sham in their thousands.  When the council’s clipboard circus rolled into Minehead for an afternoon session the turnout was pathetic and local people complained about the venue and the timing – all the roadshows so far were staged midweek when very few people were free to attend. That’s good planning for you! So now they’ve added three more dates. Whoopee. I wonder if the same council officials will be peddling lies when they return to Minehead on February 11th? This is the Merger team’s own photo of the “many local people” who thronged the venue.

See the man in the suit on the extreme right? He was overheard telling a bemused resident that if the merger did not go ahead then West Somerset Council would probably be “broken up” and shared out between several councils – including North Devon! This North Devon assertion is the stuff of fairyland. It reminds me of Operation Fear during the EU Referendum. There is no logic or truth in the tale whatsoever.

But the civil servant who seems to have made these bizarre remarks is no green novice.

He turns out to be the Corporate Strategy and Performance Manager for Taunton Deane Council and is also the officer in charge of running the whole twisted “Transformation” (Merger) Project!  So he ought to know, and –  in this case – ought to have known better! No wonder only a couple of hundred people have bothered to complete the council questionnaire.

PS – Dont forget this “consultation” can be (and probably will be) completely ignored!!